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06 December 2012HamasReturns updated:
New Weapon Icons and Sounds , Added CORE Assault Rifle for the CORE soldiers.
Added Away Mission to gateway , basically created my own away mission , anyone sent through the gateway will arrive on an arctic wasteland and will have to explore and survive.
CORE has a huge training facility on Centcom Station.
Added Zombies which will attack and kill and possibly infect crew, can also pretend to be dead and sometimes crawl after humans. Can die from toxins , lack of air and fire/cold
Sprited and Coded Headless Zombies which are dumber then normal Zombies but cannot die of lack of air ,cold or toxins (duh they are headless) but can die from heat.
Lots of new sounds for guns , Including the Uzzi , CORE Assault Rifle.

19 November 2012
HamasReturns updated:

Neatened up the Goldies tank (captains pet carp), added water and added a chute that goes from the captains quarters into Goldies tank for erm feeding purposes.
Re-arranged security lethal injection area and added a security docking bay for the private military shuttle to dock with.
Still busy designing the Private military shuttle.
Placed valuable and extremely wanted items and a few surprises in various areas in space on mining asteroid and on abandoned stations to encourage exploration.

14 November 2012
HamasReturns updated:

Added a bedroom for the captain where the bridge maintainance used to be because no captain should have a bed in his office!!
Captain now has a pet Spess Carp (Goldie) which is still hostile but kept in a contained area.
Added Gold , Silver medal of valor , Bronze Heart medal , to HOS as a way for the HOS to reward good officers , medals can be attached on uniforms.
Added Medals to captains Quarters , Medal of Captaincy , Distinguished conduct medal and nobel sciences award for the captain to award to good crew members.
Added all standard books to the library area which the librarian will have to shelf.
Fixed a few small bugs here and there.
Added a Mining Ripley for miners
Planning on creating a small shuttle not far from the station to house a small number of an elite strike squad , their name , mode of operation , loyalties and motives are still being planned out. Still just a thought as we dont have high player base as other servers to include or require such a feature.

12 November 2012
HamasReturns updated:

Added awesome New Icons for Tasers and Energy guns.
Added a new gun sound for C-20r SMG.
Added Various new sounds to punches , mice and other little things.
HOS Now has a larger office and alot more high tech equipment along with a C-20r SMG with extra ammo clips and various armor types.
Added a School area where the library used to be and made the library conference room into the library.
Taser guns will now imitate projectile pistols and the guns chamber will lock up when out of energy.
Added better sounds to Ion Rifle and Stun Revolver.
Added a stun revolver in armory and two field generators.
Added a Party Button in the bar for any wild parties(looks like a fire alarm panel)
Changed the Bed in the lethal injection area into an operating table.


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