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Strike Squad Application Format Empty Strike Squad Application Format

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Strike Squad Operating Code Name C.O.R.E (Combined Operations Response Elite)

This is an elite squad of a select few who are tasked with the most dangerous missions in deep space or various space stations , a four man squad operating under the Name C.O.R.E , the CORE squad is known for its huge success against all forms of hostile entities.

Byond Name:

Ic Name:

How good are you at taking orders?

Which is your Squad Role Preference

Heavy Weapons:

Deals with Weapons of high calibre and light machine guns such as the Law6 , Grenade Launcher , Gyro Pistol . With heavy armor this is a slow moving but hard hitting squaddie

Close Quarters:

Armed with A automatic assault rifle and various close combat weaponry this specialist is an expert in tight confined gunfights and melee weapons which he has a variety to choose from.

Combat Engineer

With the abilities of a normal engineer, except being armed with a combat shotgun , RCD , Breaching charges , This Specialist is required to build or take down walls or doors , to put up barricades or to force access into a barricaded area , To entrench the team by building fortifications wether it is To repair or to break down , he is your man.

Field Med/Sci

This soldier is the field medic , technition and stealth specialist , armed with a variety of exotic weaponry and chemicals at his disposal he is usually relied on to tend to casualties or to deal with high tech equipment. With his advanced Syringe gun and chameleon projector he is sometimes sent on solo missions which require stealth as a priority.


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