How to survive a zombie apocalypse on Black Banner 13

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How to survive a zombie apocalypse on Black Banner 13 Empty How to survive a zombie apocalypse on Black Banner 13

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Centcom Deep Space Research Labs.

Virus Information

Name: Space Fever
Medical Name: FZ1
Transmitted: By body fluids such as blood, Saliva.
Danger Level (disease): Low -Unlikely to spread If contained and treated early.
Danger Level (zombie): Deadly.
Cure(disease): Non Developed or known but it is possible for a strong immune system to overcome the virus in early stages.
Cure(Zombie): None.


When research on possible cures for various deadly diseases or cancer can sometimes lead to other discoveries , such as the deadly Space Fever or FZ1 which has re-enabled corpses or changed men into vicious beasts, it is rare but there are stories and a few abandoned vessels floating in space with nothing but corpses , stories of crew resorting to cannibilism.

If ever the FZ1 virus is realeased on your station look for the following symtoms:

1.Growling or stumbling about-usually this is a sign of the virus attacking the persons brain and affecting speech motor skills.

2.Feverish or sick - The bodies immune system fights against the foreign disease causing the person to break out in a fever.

3.Distanced and secretive - Possibly the person is feeling the effects of the virus taking over and will change soon.

4.Hallucinations - Due to the fever.

5.Paleness and skin discolouration.

It is not easy for one to turn into a "Zombie" multiple bites or scratches can increase the chance of you turning but a single bite won't likely affect you but because the human body can put up a very good fight to resist infection ,but if one does feel the effects of being infected ,There is no cure but the best possible bet for a chance to defeat the infection is to immediately hunker down in a secure area , Eat abit and drink lots of fluids , administor Inavopraline injections and a few hours of sleep is a must.


Once a person has gone over or turned, he is no longer a person but a dead and walking corpse. The virus has taken over and the corpse seeks only to feed, they will attack at random without any thought to their own safety.They show poor intelligence although rare cases show some zombies are able to hide , dodge weapon fire and even wield basic objects as melee weapons.

Also capable of ambushing humans by laying prone as if dead , also previously downed zombies are sometimes not completely killed and tend to crawl after humans at a quick pace. One should be cautious of zombie corpses and move slowly through an infected station and use maintainance tunnels.

Zombies also require oxygen and can be killed from lack of air, toxins , heat or cold. The are resistant to cold but weak to fire.


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