My Admin Aplication for badmin or higher.

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My Admin Aplication for badmin or higher. Empty My Admin Aplication for badmin or higher.

Post  Wolf888 on Sat Dec 08, 2012 7:35 pm

My Byond key: Wolf888
My Timezone is: Central Time
I play 2 hours or more daily
Reason: Because I want to help out the team and Help with the server.I Will listen to admins higher than me.I wil listen mostly to the Host!
I also want to try to help bring more players,and imrove the server!
I could try to bring some friends.
Yes I have had tons of admin experience.
Yes I agree to follow the rules set out for admins.I have read over the rules 2 times.
A good reason to ban or perma-ban someone is if they are really inapropiate,Are threatning any admins or other players in OOC,If they keep spamming after 1 or more warnings and 2 or more mutes.If they are being rude in OOC,Or use inapropiate names in-game.
One other thing is that wil answer all questions,commands,etc With Respect. I will not be rude or inapropiate.

This is my Application and I hope you will accept me. Thank you for taking your time to read this Application. Very Happy


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