Under the Radar:DMAN777's guide to keeping unnoticed

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Under the Radar:DMAN777's guide to keeping unnoticed Empty Under the Radar:DMAN777's guide to keeping unnoticed

Post  DMAN777 on Thu Jan 03, 2013 8:05 am

This guide will help you keep your cover,so your not another lynched Traitor,or just plain out keep your slate clean.

1.Certain items can be dyed by putting them in a washing machine with a crayon,you probably knew that already,but the kicker is what ever is changed keeps it's attributes/perks.Example:Blue unsuspecting insulated gloves that only read off as dodgy in the description.

2.Hide another outfit somewhere encase your ass is being set on arrest(warning does not fool Beepsky)and do a quick change to help your cause in shaking Shitcurity.Also don't forget to disable your suit sensors as well and avoid them camera's.

3.When you have a target to kill(Traitors or revenge seekers,bannings unpreventable)always try to kill them the silent way to keep your cover,unless your armed to the teeth and robust.There are many stealth kill options but the basic path is the one provided to you VIA telecrystals,so chose your stealthy weapons wisely.

4.Never leave a mess because it'll alert the station,if their competent,and set random searches on which may turn your situation upside down.If there are already searches use a box to store your small syndie items and then stash the big ones else where,some officers skip checking boxes thinking there clean off the get go.

5.If you can,the best place to wait out a manhunt is space and that means if your able to stash some space worthy gear somewhere close to retreat to the sweet lawless void.

6.If your a traitor who has been brigged,and your covers still secure,never be a dick and be as polite as possible even if they hound on you like your a pile of shit,think about it you keep your cover get released and then are able to silence your new come targets.

7.Bombs should always be a last resort or domino effect tactic,always use the remote bombs vs timed,so you can be an unknown badass.Domino effect tactic is where you plant multiple bombs and signal them all off at the same time causing the shit to knock shit over to make a nice trail of death and chaos.

8.Code words are to be used smartly,because the HoP telling all that come to his desk wet bull and friendship isn't suspicious at all,as in conveniently uncrackable,hopefully,phrases.Example:"What do you think of friendships?","There kind of unstable like a wet bull".

9.The bag and tag method should only be done stealthily,remember to take their damn headset off,and if your unable to get those damn sedatives try inviting them to the dorms and use a distraction,like tell them to read a book because of whatever reason,then table them then choke their ass out and torture or never let go of that bear hug.

10.Smart PDA bombing is a must when being the surprising,unnoticed asshole of a Traitor,keep your cover by being in area's with no cameras or already sabotaged areas ready for some bombings.Remember to dispose of the Detmax cartridge appropriately by space otherwise the Detective will bust your ass since cargo gave them your prints.

11.When being a Changling always remember to try and space your husks or dispose of them efficiently,morgue and incinerator are some handy alternatives.

12.When Changling focus on the silent ones first and then move to the more noticeable ones last,always start off with silent and Paralyze stings to be extremely stealthy and to earn those genomes fast.

13.Silent defense is a go,if you have to kill some people fast and your cover is blown or intact still try using the one by one method and stealth weapons,like Energy Bows and silenced pistols,The one by one method is where you simply kill a large group of people one at a time.

14.Evasive grenades,if your chemist or CMO,try to smuggle around some sleepy smoke,smoke,or any type of silent grenade for a get away booster.Remember if you can have it be silent but deadly too but I advise those for Shitcurity since you might kill a distraction,aka another incompetent Traitor.

15.Access fraud,if you can give yourself all access some how remember to keep it cloaked in the essence of the unknown.Example Captain access but with an unsuspecting Assistant title.Also avoid custom names,that's like keeping a syndicate balloon in your hands and flaunting it around.

Now I have you fifteen starting rules to follow and I'm sure you'll find new ones or better alternatives,which is good and be sure to provide them to us too.Now go ghost operative your foes into submission while evading Shitcurity like a boss. Cool

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